Eco Frienldy

Eco-friendly Philosophy at BRB Pets Ltd.

At BRB Pets, we strive to provide a long-lasting sustainable future for both our pets and next generations.  By designing our products with minimal environmental impact not only attains a sense of mission, but also a small inkling of contribution to a much larger world.  With the success of all our products contributing to a certain aspect of an environmentally responsible future we are proud to be an unofficial partner in building a greener world.

HydroSMART-Pro – Biodegradable


We are extremely proud to be most likely the first pet accessory brand to bring forth an essential product that is completely biodegradable. Manufactured with organic wheat straw resin.

Our HydroSMART-Pro is completely biodegradable by composting. If compost residentially the HydroSMART-Pro will decompose within 6-years, while compost commercially it will decompose within 2-years.

Truly magnificent!

HydroPET Towel – Recycled Textile


Our HydroPET Towel has a story of its own. Being made from recycled textile materials is the eptiomy of responsible environmental manufacturing. All towel materials are certified by international standards.  Knowing that we are playing a small part to providing a greener world is consistent with our principal here at BRB Pets.

HydroSMART-Flex – Reusing Single-use Plastic Bottles


The HydroSMART-Flex is an evolutionary offering infusing the philosophy of environmental sustainability by redefining this segment with a patented “FLEX adapter design” which allows for virtual complete working compatibility with almost all ‘disposable water bottles’ on the marketplace. The simple idea of reusing ‘single-use plastic’ bottles is a logical move as majority of pet owners will come across some form of ‘single-use plastic’ water products to use whether it is for their pets or their own use.

Conclusion from BRB Pets

In truth, just like anything in life, there are always two groups, the groups that support the product and the groups that does not support the product. We come from a long line of dog owners and have witnessed the good, and the bad in many different products which may react differently from dogs-to-dogs, owners-to-owners. At BRB Pets all we could say is as a proud pet owner you are going to have to try and experiment and observe the effects for your yourself. Because only then you truly know if our Antler dog chews or other products are beneficial for your canine family member. With that in mind the ultimate goal here at BRB Pets is to be a small part of the loving lives that we give to our pets and family members.