Why Antler Chews

Benefits – Antler Dog Chews

  • Maintains great Dental Hygiene & Health
  • Healthy, Nutritious Ingestible Ingredients:
  • Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Bone Marrow
  • 100% Organic Natural materials, Odor-Free

Instructions & Supervision

  • Supervision of dog chew is highly recommended. Potential ‘CHOKING HAZARD’
  • When dog chew is near it’s end of consumption, be sure to throw away remaining piece to prevent ‘CHOKING HAZARD’ for your dogs and children
  • ONLY for dogs after fully grown dental molars
  • DO NOT give to ‘puppy dogs’ before OR during their teething
  • Not Recommended for Senior Dogs with loose dental conditions

Is it True It can chip OR crack your Dogs teeth?


Just like human beings, your average dogs will not over exert in their chewing, but like anything else, there will always be a ‘minority’ that cannot control their strength or are over excited when they chew and ‘chip/crack’ their teeth, and with that in mind it is always recommended that when providing your dog(s) with chews be supervised.

Have people ‘killed’ Moose or Elk for these Antlers?


All ‘dog chew antlers’ on the market are procured from an “All-Natural Source”, all antlers are ‘Naturally Shed’ and no animals were harmed or killed in the process.  Moose Antlers shed about 3-4 times a year.  But finding good quality ones are like hunting for Truffles.  Our family has about 13 dogs in the Rockies to go and hunt for these fallen antlers in the wild.

Veterinarians says they are no good for your dogs?


This myth is hard to quantify, I have met Vets who are strongly oppose to Antler Chews because they say it could damage teeth, but they acknowledge the ingestible ingredients benefits.  We also have met Vets and heard from other customers Vets who support unequivocally on the product because of virtually maximum benefits compare to what is available out in the market place.  As long as you ‘supervise’ your dog and observe their behavioral and reaction then you should be in good hands.

If it is so good as a ‘chewing product’ how come it is not popular?


If the Antler chew has so much benefits compare to other chew toys, (Artificial flavoring, Fat, Greasy, Artificially Made, Plastic, Yarn) why is it not as popular.  Well…the reason is ‘cost’ your typical retail outlets sell the Antlers by the ‘stick’ or individually, and it costs on average between $20 - $40 each depending on size.  Assuming your dog loves them, it would probably last about 2 weeks if your dog was spending 1 hour on it daily.  Which is costly.  An average plastic toy or doll would last you a month and it costs much less when it is on special Right?  That’s why at BRB Pets, as a dog-owner we would like to believe we have found the solution to this product.  First you are buying by the Pound-lb. which will yield a lot more compare to retail and that in itself is a game-changer for the dog industry.

Conclusion from BRB Pets

In truth, just like anything in life, there are always two groups, the groups that support the product and the groups that does not support the product. We come from a long line of dog owners and have witnessed the good, and the bad in many different products which may react differently from dogs-to-dogs, owners-to-owners. At BRB Pets all we could say is as a proud pet owner you are going to have to try and experiment and observe the effects for your yourself. Because only then you truly know if our Antler dog chews or other products are beneficial for your canine family member. With that in mind the ultimate goal here at BRB Pets is to be a small part of the loving lives that we give to our pets and family members.